Technical Projects

Our projects aim to give students exposure to chemical engineering. We provide members with physical hands-on projects as well as technical projects, both of which can help members gain experience relating to the industry.

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Chem-E-Car is a project based on students designing a car that is fueled by a chemical energy source. The goal for the car is to carry weights and travel certain distances. Every year, our innovative teams build a model car and competes in regional and national competitions involving various universities in the US. Chem-E-Car gives members an opportunity to get to the nitty gritty of building models in a team oriented workplace.


Geared towards freshmen, ChIP gives students an introduction to chemical engineering at UCLA. This yearlong project engages students by introducing them to technical skills and then gives them an opportunity to demonstrate them by working in teams to build a coffee machine from scratch. Through this project, each member learns about the basics of process design, circuitry, 3D printing and more!

LEAP centers arounds the chemical engineering industry. Ranging from biofuels to oil and gas, students learn a variety of techniques and management of chemical processes in the industry. Members are taught how to emulate these processes on simulation software (ProII). Working in groups, students construct their own process geared towards producing a given product and present their findings to professors through economic and engineering analysis.

Rida Shaik