About AIChE at UCLA

The mission of the UCLA Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is to promote excellence in the Chemical Engineering Department of the School of Engineering and Applied Science by providing resources and support to chemical engineering students so that they can succeed academically and advance professionally.

AIChE’s Aspirational Statement – “To inspire a safe, connected, and inclusive community Doing a World of Good as: The Global Leader of the chemical engineering profession. The Center for lifelong professional and personal growth. The Foremost Catalyst in applying our expertise to sustainably meet societal needs.”


Technical Projects

Chem-E-Cube, Chem-E-Car, LEAP, and CHIP
Our projects offer members a wholesome experience of chemical engineering, intended to expose students to chemE concepts through hands-on experience, which can apply to work in industry or to other projects.

Internal Affairs

Faculty and Inter-engineer Connections
Our Engineering Week, Research Lab Tours, and events highlighting faculty-to-student connection and facilitating interactions with other UCLA engineering students and alumni to ensure the academic and professional success of UCLA's chemical engineering students.
Internal Affairs


Sharing the Joy of Engineering to K-12
AIChE at UCLA strives to give future generations the chance to explore the field of engineering by participating in outreach events to youth in Los Angeles, including quarterly visits to local elementary schools where we aim to foster children's interest in science and engineering.

External Affairs

Career Resources
We organize mock interviews, chemical engineering specific job fairs, company info sessions, plant tours, and more. UCLA engineers get to know and network with leading industries through our EA.
External Affairs

Social Events

Student and Alumni Mentorship
AIChE’s Mentorship program allows new students to receive insight and advice from more experienced upperclassmen so that they can adjust smoothly into life as chemical engineering undergraduates. The program offers various social events and other opportunities throughout the year for freshman and transfer students to connect with their mentors.

AIChE at UCLA Official Membership

We offer a unique mentorship program, host social and networking events throughout the year, and develop member’s chemical engineering skills through technical experience. As a member, you will have full access to each of these opportunities!

Becoming a member:

Now what?

Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody can join! While we often have more chemical engineering specific events, all of
our events and projects are open to all, regardless of major or year. In particular, our
professional events such as our Annual Career Fair, company and graduate
school infosessions, and pro-dev workshops are useful for any
engineering major.

You can be as involved in AIChE as you would like! We hold general meetings once a quarter. These are meant for everyone to get together and enjoy some free food while we briefly go over the main events for the quarter. We also host social and professional events and you can choose to
attend any which interest you. Our technical projects often meet on a weekly or biweekly

We offer many professional events to help students secure an internship and a job after
graduation. Our Annual Career Fair in the fall attracts around 200 students to speak to
the ~15 companies represented. We also have many infosessions in the fall and winter
quarter ranging from a variety of industries.

Through our mentorship program, freshmen and first-year transfer students are paired
with a mentor of similar interests and placed into families. Through over 100
mentor-mentee pairings annually, upperclassmen can provide insight and advice critical
to the success of new members. Our program guides new students in their transition to
life as chemical engineering undergraduates. Our family heads host events such as
KBBQ, a trip to the Getty Museum, kayaking at Marina del Rey, game night, and many
more throughout the quarter for members to get together and connect outside of classes.

We currently offer four technical projects: ChIP, LEAP, Chem-E-Cube, and Chem-E-Car. Any major
can join our projects and no prior technical experience is needed.

The goal of the Chemical Engineering Introductory Project (ChIP) is to provide freshmen,
sophomores, and first year transfer students with hands-on technical experience.
Participants learn and apply chemical engineering principles, such as process design
and process controls, by building a small-scale chemical engineering system in teams.
Students also explore the principles of circuit design, computer-aided design, and 3D
printing. In previous years, teams have built coffee machines and cooling towers. This
project lasts through fall and winter quarter.

The Lifetime Engineering Applications Project (LEAP) provides students with more
knowledge about industry. Students work in teams to model real-life industrial processes
using PRO/II, a process simulation software. These projects involve a variety of unit
operations, such as distillation columns and reactors, along with economic analysis
techniques. After completing each project, students give a technical presentation to
display their understanding of the concepts involved. Each quarter is a different project
so anyone can join at the start of any quarter.

In Chem-E-Car, students research, design, experiment, and collaborate with team
members to build a shoebox-sized car fueled and stopped purely by chemical reactions.
Every year, two of our Chem-E-Car teams compete in the regional Chem-E-Car
competition, allowing students to apply their chemistry and engineering knowledge to a
tangible engineering problem. Teams are composed of 8-9 students who are
sophomores/second-year transfer students and above and are chosen each spri