AIChE’s Aspirational Statement – “To inspire a safe, connected, and inclusive community Doing a World of Good as: The Global Leader of the chemical engineering profession. The Center for lifelong professional and personal growth. The Foremost Catalyst in applying our expertise to sustainably meet societal needs.”


Who We Are

The mission of the UCLA Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is to promote excellence in the Chemical Engineering Department of the School of Engineering and Applied Science by providing resources and support to chemical engineering students so that they can succeed academically and advance professionally.

What We Do

Technical Projects

Our diverse breadth of projects offer members with a wholesome experience of chemical engineering. AIChE’s technical projects are intended to expose students to chemical engineering concepts through hands-on experience, which can apply to work in industry or to other projects. Our projects, Chem-E-Car, LEAP, and ChIP, serve as platforms for members to expand on their knowledge of chemical engineering. To learn more about each of our technical projects, click here.

External Affairs

AIChE provides resources for chemical engineering students to hone their career paths. We organize mock interviews, chemical engineering specific job fairs, company information sessions, plant tours, and workshops to allow UCLA engineers to involve themselves with leading industries and give our students opportunities to network. Learn more about our external events here.

Internal Affairs​

Our Engineering Open House, Engineering Week, Research Lab Tours, and events highlighting faculty-to-student connection and facilitating interactions with other UCLA engineering students and alumni to ensure the academic and professional success of UCLA's chemical engineering students.

Social Events​

AIChE’s Mentorship program allows new students to receive insight and advice from more experienced upperclassmen so that they can adjust smoothly into life as chemical engineering undergraduates. The program offers various social events and other opportunities throughout the year for freshman and transfer students to connect with their mentors. AIChE at UCLA also offers an Alumni Mentorship program, designed to pair undergraduate students with UCLA chemical engineering graduates who can guide them according to their specific interests within the major. Learn more about our Mentorship program here and our Alumni Mentorship Program here.


AIChE at UCLA strives to give future generations the chance to explore the field of engineering by participating in outreach events to youth in Los Angeles, including quarterly visits to local elementary schools where we aim to foster children's interest in science and engineering. The outreach program allows undergraduate students to serve in both community service and teaching roles by demonstrating scientific concepts and leading activities. Learn more about outreach here.