Our mentorship program provides a great opportunity for new incoming students to adjust to UCLA through the help of a mentor who has had the same experiences. Through the program, the students are able to gain new academic resources and opportunities, connections with other students, and someone who can support and guide them through their first year at UCLA.

Mentors are here to help support you and answer your questions. Don’t hesistate and reach out to your mentors/mentees and ask them about anything about academics, social life, or chemical engineering. 

Our mentors and mentees have been assigned for this year, but fill out the form to be paid next year!

Throughout the year, we hold social events for our family/mentorship program. Some of the past events that we have done in the past include:

  • Trip to the Getty Center
  • KBBQ
  • A-Frame
  • Kayaking at Marina del Rey
  • Making Pizza
  • Cake Pops and Game Night
  • BBQ
  • Sushi Night
  • Movie Night
  • Mini-Golf
  • Trip to the Hammer Museum
  • Quesadilla Night
  • Ice Blocking

Justin Luong

Mentorship Chair